partial dentures in Port Charlotte

What To Expect From A Partial Denture Treatment

Do you want to fill the gap between your teeth? Opting for an implant can be confusing as it is expensive as well as permanent. An excellent solution to this problem is getting partial dentures in Port Charlotte. It is a set of removable replacement teeth accompanied by a metal or plastic support.

Partial Treatment Denture Procedure

partial dentures in Port Charlotte

Getting partial dentures is a relatively straightforward process. Here is what you can expect from the treatment.


For the dentures to fit well, you may have to get your teeth reshaped or the bone to be built-up. Moreover, the technician will take a sample impression of your jaw to design the denture accordingly. For this duration, your dentist will provide you with a set of temporary dentures.

Installation and Fitting

Once the dentures are ready, your dentist will install them on your mouth to check for fitting. After making the necessary adjustments, the technician will give you clear instructions and tips on its usage and maintenance.

Tips for Getting Used to Partial Dentures

Continually having a set of dentures in your mouth is bound to make your feel awkward. Here is how to get over the initial discomfort.

·    Try to read out loud several times to let your tongue adjust with the denture.

·    Practice careful removal and setting the dentures. Make sure to be gentle as pressure may damage the denture.

·    Try to chew slowly to let your mouth get used to it.

Partial Dentures – Aftercare

Here are some easy tips that you must take throughout the use of partial dentures.

·    Only consume drinks and soft foods for the first few days.

·    Visit the dentist twice a year for the perfect fit and adjustment.

·    Store the dentures in a clean case and wash them regularly.

·    Remove them before going to sleep.


Getting partial dentures is one of the most feasible options as it is reasonable and painless. However, know that it would take time to settle, and you must take good care of the dentures.