mosquito treatment in New Kent

Mosquito Diseases and Travel Destinations

As mosquitoes are a big concern in your city, they could be an even bigger concern in a place you have gone for a vacation. In your city, you have options like mosquito treatment in New Kent. However, other destinations may not have such facilities.

Since prevention is better than cure, you should always select places for travel after you study the diseases associated with them and the safest time to visit them. To make your work easier, below mentioned are the most common mosquito diseases and the places associated with them.


mosquito treatment in New Kent

Dengue is a very common mosquito disease that is very dangerous. It causes high fever, body pain and sometimes proves to be fatal. Places such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand are the most common sources of dengue. During a specific time of the year, they spread dengue around the world.


Malaria is another dangerous disease associated with mosquitoes. People suffer from extensive vomiting and nausea when is this disease infects them. Pregnant women should specifically not travel to places that have malaria spread. The most common sources are Africa, Cambodia, Southern Vietnam, and Laos.


Another viral infection that is caused due to mosquitoes and is dangerous for human beings. Patients notice extensive fatigue, fever, headache, and even heavy rashes around their bodies. They may also notice muscle pain and joint pain too.

Places such as Africa and areas close to the Indian Ocean are often the biggest sources of Chikungunya.

Final Verdict

Diseases associated with mosquitoes can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal for some human beings. Therefore, it is very important to check for all the diseases that are associated with the place that you are about to visit.

Make sure to read about the diseases in detail before making any travel plans.